Social Data Equality

March 14, 2021

The Problem:
Asians are marginalized by being omitted from research and publishing.
Data Case Study – There are 300+ million articles published about racial discrimination and issues involving race. Yet, when looking at the specific breakdown of this content, the data reveals that Asians are left out of the narrative about 88% of the time. This exclusion, of the Asian data set, by researchers, media providers, content creators and other publishers alike, has created an unintended false narrative. This misleading narrative has resulted in marginalizing the Asian community
in the media, medical research, government programs and social development.

The Solution:
Social Data Equality,” or SDE, is a term created by Asian Alliances to help government agencies, law-makers, publishers, educators and media outlets to use as a tool to help challenge and change discriminatory practices
and prejudices that happen to communities of color with de-aggregated data.
For more information on SDE ratings and data sets, please contact us.

What We Can Do:
We can, and must, have accountability on data. We can achieve this by taking ownership of past omissions, and editing currently published internet content, to reflect a truly inclusive data set. We need the help of readers, content creators and publishers to flag all content that is not inclusive of the Asian community. Many research papers, medical journals, and media articles are published around a narrative of how certain groups are disadvantaged or how specific groups are suffering because of certain structural social issues. These articles do create much needed awareness for issues that need to be addressed and changed. But, our findings show
that the Asian community is either given a minor mention or completely omitted from these data sets.
Sadly, beyond the data sets, Asians are often framed out of the narrative completely.

What Can YOU Do?
Support Asian artists, support Asian causes, and help us raise awareness about the omission of Asian data sets from published content. Contact your favorite publishers and ask if they are “Social Data Equality Compliant.
Write about SDE, in your blog, an article or an editorial for your local publisher, to raise awareness of the omission
of Asian data sets. Join us in our mission to create, permanent, positive changes for all of our communities.